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Neo Cakes

Neo Cakes is a new and exciting brand in cake making. It’s something different, something new. Neo Cakes philosophy is simple, If they look great, you must ensure they taste great too, and then you’ve got it made! Created with a loving passion for baking (since 2010), Neo Cakes has steadily grown in products and reputation. Specialises in cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, christenings, engagements and weddings... whatever the occasion, Neo Cakes would love to be part of your day.

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YTM Fireworks Online Shop

YTM Fireworks

YTM Fireworks is one of the UK’s most experienced suppliers of professional and garden fireworks. We pride ourselves in offering nothing but the best quality products available. Our product selection includes Black Cat Fireworks, Standard Fireworks, Bright Star Fireworks, Absolute Fireworks and Brothers Pyrotechnics product ranges. With great quality and affordable pricing, together with the convenience of delivery to your door, YTM Fireworks is here to assist with all questions and pyrotechnic requirements.

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