Tri-Colour Cake Sparklers - 30 Seconds

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Tri-Colour Cake Sparklers - 30 Seconds

Guaranteed to make a lasting impression, our Tri-Colour Cake Sparklers are a specially constructed and safe form of indoor fountain, which generate a stunning jet of sparkles when lit. The nontoxic and virtually smoke free composition lights immediately and creates a brilliant stream of glittering light, sure to impress and set the scene. All our Cake Sparklers (Ice Candles / Dessert Fountains / Champagne Sparklers) come with the following as standard:

  • Highest quality of product
  • Various smoke and odour contents
  • Various burn times and colours
  • Conforms to relevant European Safety Standard (EN 14035-15)

Increase your bottle or dessert sales by introducing Ice Fountains into your current service.