Birthday Party Sparklers

Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants and other Birthday Party Venues all around the world are using Birthday Party Sparklers to improve a customer’s party experience and maximise their attractiveness and income.

With 10 years experience in party entertainment, Ice Party Supplies have become market leaders in the supply of birthday party sparklers to nightclubs, bars, restaurants and other birthday party venues throughout the UK, Europe and The Rest of the World.

Our birthday party sparklers can be used on all champagne bottles, vodkas or spirits. Some people even use them for cocktails too. Whether it is a standard bottle of champagne or vodka bottle, Ice Party Supplies are there to assist any birthday party celebration.

Simply attach the birthday party sparklers to your bottle using our Bottle Birthday Party Sparkler Clips then simply light each sparkler and parade through your venue. This will obviously attract greater attention and offer instant impact and excitement, possibly resulting in additional orders from your customers.

Birthday Party Sparklers light with little effort and instantly create an atmosphere through the bright sparks and effects. These birthday party sparklers emit a stream of showering sparks creating a thrilling atmosphere within any birthday party venue.