Birthday Cake Fireworks

There are different types of Birthday Cake Fireworks that are available but the most used birthday cake fireworks are often known as Ice Fountains or Birthday Cake Fireworks.

So what is a Birthday Cake Firework? It is a safe form of indoor birthday cake sparkler that omits sparkles. These types of birthday cake fireworks are very popular when used at home or in a restaurant as part of any birthday party celebration.

Ice Fountains are also used to give a perfect setting to any birthday party celebration, like the arrival of a birthday cake or even a party dessert. This cake firework will add a climax to your birthday party celebration or firework event.

These birthday cake fireworks are very easy to light. Some last for 30 seconds, 45 seconds or 60 seconds and conform to all European legislation. Our birthday cake fireworks are high quality, non toxic and virtually smoke free too. They are also odourless making them perfect for use around food and drink.

Using birthday cake fireworks as part of your birthday party celebration is a great way to add that extra touch and long lasting impression for your guests.

Please be careful and very aware of cheap birthday cake firework alternatives that are available as the cheaper they are, the higher the smoke and smell content and in sometime can be very dangerous when lit. If you are looking for a good and trustworthy supplier with the highest quality products available, then you have found the right company - Ice Party Supplies (a division of YANELEX Ltd).

Our wide selection of birthday cake fireworks can be viewed and purchased from us. Take a look at our product videos under the videos section of the product page before you make your purchase.