Birthday Cake Sparklers

Ice Party Supplies introduced Ice Fountain Birthday Cake Sparklers into the UK many many years ago. We initially started in business as outdoor fireworks retailers but soon diversified into indoor fireworks before setting up Ice Party Supplies as its own division of YANELEX Ltd supplying birthday cake sparklers to the general public, hotels, gastro pubs, restaurants, caterers, bars and nightclubs all around the UK. We even supply as far as Europe and the Rest of the World

Whilst our company grew, our clients also grew! From small restaurants to large bars and birthday party venues. Our expertise in supplying birthday cake sparklers and other indoor party supplies ensures that our product quality is safe and also impressive and very attractive.

We have built a strong reputation as the largest and most reliable supplier of Birthday Cake Sparklers in the UK. Based in London, we supply our clients effectively and at short notice allowing us to be London’s ‘number one’ choice of Birthday Cake Sparklers supplies.

Whether it is for a birthday party or customers who are buying our birthday cake sparklers on a regular basis, you can trust that our products are of the highest grade.

Whether a birthday party or a wedding, our birthday cake sparklers are ideal for all celebrations. Whatever the celebration, let Ice Party Supplies provide the Birthday Cake Sparklers to ensure your event is a special one!