Ice Sparklers

Whether it be for a small birthday party dessert or night club and wine bar cocktail, our Ice Sparklers add that extra little touch for the paying customer. We pride ourselves on our miniature mini indoor sparkler, which not only conforms to European Safety Standards but is also free from hot fallout as highlighted in the guidelines imposed from both the Health & Safety Executives (HSE - and the Foods Standard Agency ( This legislation is also relevant to our Ice Fountains (Champagne Sparklers, Ice Fountain Candles and Dessert Sparklers) and we are proud and confident to purport that our products comply and have been manufactured in the correct way to ensure customer safety at all times.

Similar to the Ice Fountains, the content of our Ice Sparklers comply with EN 14035-15 regulations and follow all relevant firework specifications and testing’s. Our aim is to ensure consumer safety at all times. Safety instructions are described throughout our website and illustrated on all products which are purchased via our online shop.

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