LED Glow Bottle LightPads

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LED Glow Bottle LightPads

With this brand new product, you can now present your bottles with a fantastic glowing effect. When incorporating the use of Glow Bottle LightPads, your VIP clientele will receive their purchased bottles with an added spotlight effect ensuring their VIP status is held for the entire evening.

Placed at the bottom of the bottle, its adhesive sticker allows you to firmly apply the LightPad to the bottle creating an air tight component meaning this product is water proof and will work within the ice bucket all night even when the ice has melted and turned to water.

This latest innovative bar accessory disposable and have been created only for a one time use. This product is ideal for nightclubs as well as bars and restaurants who serve alcohol by the bottle. Obviously, the effect achieved through a glow bottle light pad is more impressive when used with clear beverage bottles like tequila, sambuca and of course vodka.