Champagne Bottle Fireworks

Champagne Bottle Fireworks are being used within many nightclubs, bars and restaurants as part of VIP bottle service for many years now. No longer is your finest champagne served in a bucket containing ice cubes (or other Ice Cube alternatives). The attention that is created and desired is simply from the use of champagne bottle fireworks.

Whether it is relatively cheap house red or white, a magnum Grey Goose or a giant bottle of Dom Pérignon Champagne, our champagne bottle fireworks will definitely increase awareness and champagne sales.

When selecting your desired champagne bottle fireworks you must be aware of cheap imitations. Products have been developed with only profitability in mind and have not taken into consideration any safety. If your champagne bottle firework is not CE marked or EN Approved, then it is unlikely to be safe and will not conform to relevant safety standards. It is likely to be illegal!

The smoke and fumes that are given off from illegal champagne bottle fireworks are not only dangerous, but may also give off an ‘eggy’ type smell which can be very off-putting for all customers. Purchasing high quality champagne bottle fireworks may not be very profitable but at least it might not be as damaging to reputation and venue image. Ensure you use a reputable supplier who can satisfy your requirements efficiently at all times.

There are many champagne bottle fireworks available in the market today. They vary in colour, duration and design. Our ranges include all various types.

Designed to fit the majority of champagne bottles, we also supply a various number of different Champagne Bottle Clips which can be used on your champagne bottles, ensuring your champagne bottle fireworks are presented to your guest safely.