Ice Fountains

Ice Fountains also referred to as Ice Candles, Champagne Sparklers and Dessert Sparklers are the only way to showcase any bottle or cake within a venue, ranging from nightclubs to straightforward restaurants.

These indoor fireworks, which have been derived from commonly called outdoor roman candles, are also suitable for indoor home use to celebrate any party event such as Birthdays, Christenings, Weddings, Bar mitzvahs and other annual occasions like Christmas and New Years Eve parties.

All our products are manufactured in China and conform to European Safety Regulations. They are safe and easy to use. Offering varied colours, durations and designs, our Ice Fountain candles will brighten any celebratory event.

Currently used throughout the world, they have become an industry standard for a large range of clientele and VIP celebrities. Our VIP fountains are recognised globally, especially in the United Kingdom, Europe like Spain (Ibiza and Marbella), France (Paris, St. Tropez, Monaco and Canes), Italy (Sardinia and Milano) and areas further afield like Dubai, Russia (Moscow) and the USA (Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles and New York)

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