Box of 25 x 200 Puff elan eCigarette (Different Flavours) View full size

Box of 25 x 200 Puff elan eCigarette (Different Flavours)

Pack of 25 x 200 puff mixed flavoured tobacco cigarette shisha sticks. Each shisha stick contains ZERO percent nicotine content. Flavours are - Bluberry, Watermelon, Peach, Chocolate and Vanilla.

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£112.50 (Inc. VAT)

£4.50 per eCigarette

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Elan e-Cigarette:

The Elan e-Cigarette is a single use, fully disposable, electronic cigarette. No charger or power supply is required with this product. Open the tube, remove the cigarette, and smoke it as and when you choose. Dispose of it when the tip flashes (approximately 150 - 200 puffs per cigarette). The cigarette delivers the same nicotine strength as a regular cigarette and you adjust your nicotine intake by how many puffs, how often, and how much you inhale. You have complete control.

Smoking is activated by puffing on the cigarette, with no buttons to press. The sensation is exactly the same as a regular cigarette. Just inhale when you want, for as long as you want and exhale as much vapour as you like. Then just put the cigarette down, or in your pocket or bag.

Depending on your smoking style, this cigarette is expected to last the equivalent of at least 10 normal cigarettes.

The difference with the Elan e-Cigarette is that you can put it in the packet with your normal cigarettes and use it only when you don't want to or cannot smoke a normal cigarette.

“No smoke, No smell, No tar, No carbon monoxide, No carcinogens and No heat”

This e-Cigarette can be used instead of smoking without the smoke, smell, tar, carcinogens, chemicals or flames associated with tobacco smoking.


  • Flavour:                               Classic Tobacco
  • Nicotine Strength:          1.6% (similar to a 'light' tobacco cigarette)
  • Puffs:                                    150 - 200 (equivalent to more than 10 Tobacco cigarettes depending on your smoking style)
  • Quantity:                             5/25

Please note: These are disposable cigarettes, each in its own sealed child-proof tube.


Benefits of using a disposable e-Cigarette

  • Nothing to fill
  • Nothing to charge
  • Nothing to lose
  • Nothing to wear out
  • Nothing to remember

This e-Cigarette is the simplest, easiest and most sophisticated electronic cigarette on the market today. Just like a normal cigarette that runs to completion and then simply dispose of it. It’s just like a traditional tobacco cigarette but with no smoke, no tar, no carcinogens, no butts, no ash and no smell.

A disposable cigarette lasts as long as its battery life - typically the equivalent of between 10 and 35 traditional tobacco cigarettes depending on the size of the battery. The Elan e-Cigarette is the smallest e-cigarette and lasts the same as 10 tobacco cigarettes depending on smoking style.

Disposable e-cigarettes are all-in-one sealed units that should be disposed of responsibly in the same way as you dispose of your batteries.

All products are CE and RoHS tested to protect you and the environment. Recycling is important to the environment so we recommend you read the information below.


Recycling Information:

Please recycle your disposables, batteries and cartridges responsibly. Disposable e-Cigarettes are not currently covered by WEEE recycling agents and so should be recycled in the same way as a rechargeable battery.

You can either place the cigarette in a recycling bin at your local supermarket or other large store OR within your domestic recycling bins.

All electronic cigarette products can be harmful to plants and animals if not disposed of correctly, so please think of the environment before throwing your e-cigarette in the bin. Remember, there are no butts, no ash, no smell or smoke, so please play your part in the revolution and make sure there is no waste and harm to the environment.

If you have any questions or concerns about recycling then please share them with us and we will do our best to assist you.


E-Cigarette Health

It is not possible (or lawful) to make any health claims about electronic cigarettes without long-term medically approved tests. None of the products sold by us under the Elan e-Cigarette brand have been tested as an alternative to smoking tobacco products and no claim is made that any electronic cigarette will help you give up smoking.

Instead of smoking tobacco products, you can enjoy the Elan e-Cigarette instead and still get the nicotine that you enjoy. However, smoking tobacco products is harmful (and with the help of e-Cigarettes you can clearly stop) and you are encouraged to do so.

The easiest way to find out if Elan e-Cigarette could help you to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes is to try it for yourself.

  • Smoke High
  • Duration 200 Puffs
  • Odour Moderate
  • Hand-Held Yes
  • Classification N/A
  • Firework Category Contains No Pyro
  • Safety Distance N/A
  • Activation Requirements Inhale
  • Age Requirements 18 yrs +
  • Certification CE Marked
  • Contents N/A
  • Bespoke Designs Yes

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